Black and White Vintage Photography by Senator Barry Goldwater (Old West Ghost Town) - Art Prints and Wall Decor
Goldwater Collection

Old West Ghost Town - 1936

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There are genuine ghost towns in Arizona like Oatman, White Hills, Dos Cabezas, Gleeson, and Bradshaw City, but it’s a shame that more of them were not preserved before they fell to the fatal and final chopping of the tourist, time, and weather.  What disappeared with them was not just a stage-depot or a saloon, but countless letters, books of business, old newspapers, and documents which, if we had them today, would make it easier to write an accurate history.

 “Believe it or not, this photograph shows an old movie set that resided just north of the Arizona Canal and 40th Street in Phoenix, known as Cudia City.  I photographed it in the late 1930s.”

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