Black and White Vintage Photography by Senator Barry Goldwater (Navajo Pony) - Art Prints and Wall Decor
Goldwater Collection

Navajo Pony - 1938

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”The horse, or caballo, as the Mexican calls the species, first came into Arizona with the Coronado Expedition in 1540.  This four-legged animal has done more for man than any other creature God has ever put on earth – unless it be woman.  The horse made long travel possible and brought together the early residents of the Southwest, the Indians.

 The pony, or small horse, of the Navajo is not what one would expect an animal born to toughness of this land to be.  He has not the full chest of the quarter horse or the long, powerful legs of the thoroughbred.  He is small, but fast, particularly in sand, rock, snow, or heavy rain.  His footing is sure.  Even shoeless he faithfully follows the guiding of the reins.

 This Navajo pony was ground tied by the hitching post at Tonalea, Arizona, when I saw him in the late 1930s.  His hooves shifted on the hot sand and his eyes were half-closed to protect them from the sun.”

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