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Salt River Project is committed to the protection and preservation of natural resources and to the education and enrichment of Arizona's citizens and its visitors.

As the Pioneer Sponsor, SRP helped launch the Barry and Peggy Goldwater Foundation by awarding a major funding grant. This show of support by SRP displays their wholehearted belief in the Foundation's mission and a common desire to preserve these historic images for generations to come.

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Arizona Highways has been showcasing the people, places and things that make Arizona unique since 1925. From its spectacular landscapes and colorful history, it offers the fascinating culture and endless adventure that Arizona has to offer. The magazine has subscribers in all 50 states and more than 100 countries around the world and has published 243 photographs by Goldwater, 33 of which are color.

The foundation and Arizona Highways are working together to provide educational platforms (including eco-educational tourism), traveling exhibitions and preservation + historical awareness, as stated in the Foundation's mission.