Film Toaster


  • Built in 4x5 LED Light Pad
  • Adapter Ring Rotator Stack to attach lens
  • Adjustabe Lens Plate
  • 3 Tripod Mounts
  • More than 20 times faster than flatbeds

Ingenious film capture cradle that uses your camera to scan 35mm to 4x5. Includes 4 film holders.Until now, seemingly the photography industry forgot about the millions of photographers, who before digital, shot billions of memorable images on film. And that film, much of it black and white and color negatives, now twenty years and older, possibly fading. The FilmToaster is a professional solution for high performance camera scanning with a repeatable and streamlined workflow that transforms your Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) into the ultimate digital workstation. Thus, it becomes easy to realize the future of digital. Celebrate the arrival of the FilmToaster! Preserve History, Heritage and Culture. Upon completion of macro scanning with the FilmToaster, the captured image files must be loaded into a computer, and converted in a program like Photoshop, from negative to positive using, “invert.” Color negative films may also be scanned but because of the orange cast, may require post production techniques beyond the scope of this manual. Some consultants report excellent results using RAW files and ColorPerfect, a software plug-in.